About my ‘fair fashion year’

Hello world,

Here’s a bit about me and my blog. I live in the wonderful city of Wellington, New Zealand. We have a great range of shops here, but the likes of asos.com have made it too easy to order cheap fashion online. We also have a few major chain stores which sell the latest in clothing and shoe styles at very competitive prices.

What I have been thinking about lately though is the hidden price our ‘fast fashion’ comes at.

So what’s this blog about and why am I publicly writing about it?
I conducted an experiment to see if I could do ‘fair fashion’ for a whole year. The more I found out about the ‘dark side of fashion’, the more disturbed I was. The supply chain and how little we really know about it is a concern.

We also now buy more clothes and shoes than ever and spend less on each item that we once traditionally would have. We want that new dress and we want it now! Gone are the days of saving and saving to buy that quality dress that would last a lifetime.

‘Fast fashion’ is where it seems to be at. Some stores are offering up to 12 ‘capsules’ of new fashion per year. Traditional models of seasonal updates (happening 4 times a year) are not enough for the modern consumer. I’ve been inspired by blogs like the Uniform Project.

My fair fashion year had 3 rules
I only bought clothing or shoes that were:

1. Made in NZ
2. Ethical or Fair trade
3. Pre-loved

So how can you as the consumers change the game?
Sometimes it seems like there’s little we can do to change things. Especially when the power is in the hands of governments or large corporations. I believe that our small acts can create big change. It was no accident that Cadbury reversed it’s decision about using palm oil in it’s chocolate after huge public backlash. Demand increasing for ethical clothing/shoes means corporations will need to rise to the challenge.

Some steps to start making a change
Totally boycotting products that are not fair trade probably isn’t practical just yet. However, it is possible to be selective about what you buy. Fair trade or New Zealand made doesn’t have to be expensive either. It just takes a bit of planning. Online sales are great ways to save cash. Second hand stores have a huge range of brands and styles.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me 
Please follow my blog for email notifications of updates and share the journey. I’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on what I’m doing. Feel free to comment on the updates!



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