Bell and Beau for great organic cotton basics

Belle and Beau are a great brand if you’re after basic organic cotton staples. Belle and Beau clothes are NZ-made and I love their ethos about nasty chemicals on the About page of their site. They state:

The brands core values are based on social and environmental sustainability and prove that style does not have to be at the expense of the planet. Belle and Beau source and use only organic textiles certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), including luxuriously soft organic cotton and premium New Zealand organic merino. All dyes used in the colouring process are also GOTS certified and are free from conventionally used nasties like formaldehyde, heavy metals and AZO compounds.

I’ve worn my dress to work and on out and about the weekend. I am loving how ultra versatile and comfy it is!

The other great thing about this dress (and one of the main reasons I bought it) is that it is made of organic cotton. Now you might be asking “Who cares? Why would you worry about organic cotton?” Great question. It could probably take up a whole blog post. But the short answer is the cost to our beautiful planet: Water. Land. Chemicals. None of this is measured when taking into account the true cost of cotton production.

Believe it or not, non-organic cotton uses up an unthinkable amount of the earth’s natural resources. It’s unseen by the eyes of the world but the practice of cotton farming is wasteful and lacking in long-term vision.

Until I publish another post on organic cotton, here’s a great read about the truth about non-organic cotton farming – written by someone who’s not even a fan of organics!

Belle and Beau dress

My Belle and Beau organic cotton dress


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