Bangladesh & Rana Plaza – did the corporates grow a conscience overnight?

How come it took one of the world’s worst industrial disasters to take some action on the appalling factory conditions in Bangladesh? Doing a quick google about Walmart (one of the manufacturers in the factory) threw up the astonishing figure of their net income for 2013.

Walmart net income: USD 16.999  billion (2013)

Wow. Each person in the Bangladesh factory makes NZD 133 per month (8,000 taka). You would think Walmart could have perhaps afforded to make the environment these people work in a lot safer.

At least now they and Gap are part of the growing number of companies that have finally signed an agreement to pledge to fix the problem.
Walmart and Gap sign agreement

Fact: Over 1,100 people died making Western clothes in Rana Plaza. It was entirely avoidable.

Companies that have agreed to make some sort of financial contribution, include: Primark (UK), El Corte Ingles (Spain), Loblaw (Canada), PVT (Denmark), Matalan (UK), Benetton (Italy) and Premier Clothing (UK).

Benetton released a statement on the 23rd of May saying that their support will include artificial limbs, surgery, psychological support and training for survivors and workers. They need to engage with the trade unions representing the workers, and to commit to compensate for loss of income, pain and suffering and support to education.

What you can do

By not buying from brands that don’t take safety and ethical practices in their factories seriously, you can show your support for the victims of the Bangladesh factory collapse. Vote with your wallet and choose to spend your hard earned cash somewhere that gives a damn.

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