My first accessory swap shop night – easy fun and cheap!

Accessory swap night hosting was all unchartered territory for me…until a few weeks ago.

I’ll be the first to say, it was a little nerve-wracking at the start. What if no one wanted to swap stuff? What if it ended in one big scramble for the best stuff?

It started off slowly…my friends were edging closer to trinkets and shiny things, eyeing up the massive range of stuff up for grabs. But within a few minutes the swap was in full swing – maybe the wine had kicked in too!

We started the night swapping with each other, negotiating and bargaining just like the good old days in school when you swapped your favourite stickers at break time. At the end of the evening we all picked up one last thing off the table as a last grab and snatch moment. What was left on the table, I dropped off at the Sallies in the weekend.

The next day at least 3 of us went to work wearing each others gear. I love that something you can be bored with can look fantastic on someone else and suit them more than it ever suited you.

Everyone had a great time and one friend loved it so much she hosted her own fun clothes swap afternoon this weekend. The saying ‘One man’s woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure’ seems apt. Success!!

Clothes swap night

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