Inspired by the Uniform Project – my tailor-made LBD

Well, it’s been a long time coming for this blog post about my tailor-made LBD. I’ll give you a bit of background…

I first spotted the LBD genius that is the ‘The uniform project‘ back in 2008. Since then, I have wanted the original classic style LBD that she sold on the site. As the dress was always sold out, along with the pattern, I decided to get my own made right here in NZ.


With the help of Toni (the tailor I was recommended), my very own LBD was created. Toni was fantastic and very patient, analysing the dress from the site to create an almost identical replica. I went to her house for several fittings and she was always very professional and fun to work with.


It’s really light and breathable against your skin. The dress also has a lining. It never crinkles much and is easy to hand wash. The dress is reversible (buttons down the back) and has 2 detachable collars – oh and pockets! (I love pockets).  I use stick on velcro to attach the collars which works a treat and means you’re not fussing about with buttons.

I wear it most days as it’s super comfy and pretty much goes with anything. For the $200 it cost to get tailor-made plus the $67 for fabric and buttons, it was well worth it. Big thanks to Toni for all her hard work on this one!

Below are 7 different ways to wear it. Tuesday has the Peter Pan detachable collar. (click to see image larger). Contact Toni at if you’d like a wonderful tailor-made dress of your own.

ps – to the WordPress followers, I have now moved the site onto a .com domain so you’ll need to follow from the new site as I couldn’t move you across. Thanks so much for following!

Little black dress

*All photos by Jules Robertson. Legend.


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