The Great Starfish Exchange – they’re walking the talk

Bring your old Starfish clothes to Starfish stores to receive 50% off their Lunatopia winter collection sale (original retail price). July 9 –  Aug 12. In their words:

“We’re hoping that The Great Starfish Exchange will be a great way to give your old Starfish or Laurie Foon garments a new life, and at the same time give your own wardrobe a re-fresh. We’ll be cherry picking key pieces that you bring in and adding them to our in-store Vintage Rack. The remainder will be donated to Dress For Success, a Wellington based initiative to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women.”

Conditions – The exchange is limited to Starfish and Laurie Foon labels only. Clothing must be in good wearing condition, and be freshly cleaned or laundered.

What a sweet deal. Not to mention genius!

Check out the details of the exchange

The Great Starfish Exchange


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