Ms Wandas and my first guest blog post

Ms Wandas contacted me about a month ago via the wonderful Twitter. Ms Wandas Wardrobe is an Uber Blog that brings together some of the best writers on the blogosphere.

In their own words, they’re “not an ordinary bunch of bloggers – underneath their lipstick and frilly knickers they’re a bunch of savvy fashionistas who want to rock the world.”

Since they contacted me, I’ve had my first guest blog post published on their site which is super exciting! In case you missed the tweet, here’s a link to my post.

Five steps to an ethical fashion wardrobe the kiwi way

Find out more about MsWandas


2 thoughts on “Ms Wandas and my first guest blog post

  1. Great blog Amy! I also read your guest post above, and you mention researching jeans, running shoes and sports clothes. I desperately need some more running shoes, but am frozen to the spot in terms of finding something ethically made. Please help! 🙂

    • Hi there! thanks for your comments. 🙂 Yes I am a bit stuck with jeans and sports stuff…have been doing some research and while there may be options out there it is a bit limiting! Let me know if you see anything online…

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