An interview with Starfish founder Laurie Foon

I was lucky enough to score an interview with the inspirational founder of New Zealand label ‘Starfish‘.
Here she answers 3 burning questions that I had…

How has Starfish managed to keep its manufacturing in NZ when so many other NZ labels have moved offshore for their manufacturing?

“Through prioritising this as one of our values, using good systems and recognising the value that NZ Manufacturers offer our product – be this in the quality, timely delivery and ease of communication.”

What do you think Starfish’s point of difference is from other brands?

“Our point of difference is our design essence which consists of love and longevity. Our customers love our garments on their bodies. They look great and always seem to be uplifted and the fabrics work and breathe well (we love natural fibres).  Our customers are also happy to invest as their previous garments have remained favourites and worn well over time.”

What is one thing in the NZ fashion industry that you would like to see changed?

“For our business, we really want to see more ‘environmentally kind’ fabrics offered to us from our fabric suppliers. Instead we are seeing more and more polyester based fabrics which are cheaper but in the long-term not sustainable.  Also I would like to see the industry start to help with agreeing on some environmental values and start to promote this.  For example, can we agree that NZ made is better for the economy and environment and promote this.
I’d like to measure chain store garment waste and also have some tax or pollution measure.  The UK recorded an incredible number of garments that end up in landfills and can’t even be donated to third world countries.  Allowing business to create such waste is very short-sighted. Encouraging chain store garment waste would be a good test to make businesses responsible for what they produce.” – Laurie Foon, Starfish founder
Laurie Foon Starfish founder

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