I went to The Big Shwop & this is what I got

Last Sunday I went to ‘NZ’s biggest eco fashion event’ The Big Shwop. A friend and I enjoyed an afternoon of ‘shwopping’ and for our $20 entry we got a goody bag and a free glass of lovely MOMO wine. In the goody bag were a regular sized ‘Everything balm’ and face cleanser from Trilogy, eco store soap and laundry powder, People’s coffee x 2 free cards and bag of plunger coffee.

Big Shwop logoThe speakers from Starfish, Trilogy, Frocks on bikes and Intersect were great. Nice to hear people talking about fashion who are on the same page.

When the clothes had been sorted and The ‘Big Shwop’ opened, I was expecting women to stampede faster than bulls in a china shop. Far from it – not a cat fight in sight!

After a rush around the clothing racks and a speedy try on, I got to swap my 3 rarely worn items for 3 new ones – a summer skirt, a winter skirt and a singlet. One of the skirts was vintage made in Paris wool which was a lucky score.

The Big Shwop just shows how you can get a new look for zero cost. Go the pre-loved clothes for the best kind of fair trade/eco shopping. I was chuffed to see they are linking to my blog too. Follow theirs here: http://thebigshwop.wordpress.com/


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