NZ’s ‘Good’ magazine & slow style vs fast fashion

To the people who produce NZ’s ‘Good’ magazine – you’re really speaking my language! Loved the article on Slow style vs Fast fashion in the Sept/Oct issue.

To quote from the article  in ‘Good’ by Rebekah White,

“Where fast fashion seems disconnected from the realities of poverty  wages, forced overtime and environmental impact, slow style is about choice, craftmanship, identity and human rights.”

So you might be reading this thinking ‘so what?’ ‘what can I do?’ The article has 6 easy steps you can take to develop a  slow style wardrobe:

  • “Plant your wardrobe with style perrenials
  • Learn to splurge strategically
  • Flirt with trends one at a time
  • Head off the beaten shopping trail
  • Learn the tricks of repurposing old favourites”

I like the idea that a wardrobe can be built on classics that last and then added to with funky accessories from second hand shops and vintage stores. Audrey Hepburn is still known as a style icon yet the clothes she wore were classics like LBDs (little black dresses).


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