Icebreaker and the wonderful ‘baacode’

In my hunt for labels I can actually buy for the next year it has become obvious that my choices are limited. That is, on the average NZ main street there’s not much to pick from!

So I was very pleased to discover that Icebreaker (while not made in NZ anymore) is an ethical company that gets its merino from sustainable sources.

(as quoted from “While Icebreaker don’t actually have a Fair Trade Clothing label on their clothes they have a transparent and steadfast resolve to the principals of fair trade. If you take a peek at their website, particularly the page on Manufacturing Standards you will find that their ethos pretty much aligns to the fair trade standard of ethical manufacturing. Their approach is one of the most rugged I have seen in a company not immediately recognizable as a “Fair Trade” label.”

Baacode is a fantastic concept and pretty darn cool feature that allows you to track your merino source right to the source. How’s that for transparent. Wouldn’t it be game changing if every manufacturer did that? I’ll definitely be buying Icebreaker again.

Here’s a pic of the lovely Icebreaker singlet I got in a sale at Bivouac Outdoors in Wellington. Using the code on my singlet I tracked my merino to a group of stations in the lower South island. My baacode: 7B11A7F7F.


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