The Spring closet clear out & Recycle Boutique

Bennetton jerseyCountry Road merinoAnyone else ever have that aha! moment when you’re cleaning out your closet?
I had it today when I realised that I actually only really wear 20-30% of my wardrobe.
Only after off loading it all (clothes I’d had in my closet for 3 years and not worn) at Recycle Boutique and leaving the bag there did it hit me that I really wouldn’t miss any of it. The beauty of the process is that if the stuff you bring in doesn’t sell then Recycle Boutique hand them on to charity for you. Sweet.

Trouble is, one woman’s trash is another’s treasure
I found myself having a look around their new premises on Vivian St and 2 merino tops later….So for $45 it was a pretty good deal – one was Country Road and the other a United Colours of Benetton.

Just to re-cap…
If you’re reading this blog for the first time and not sure what it’s all about, I’ll be only buying clothing and shoes for the next 12 months that’s either:

  • fair or ethical trade
  • Made in NZ
  • or 2nd hand

Recycle Boutique is a NZ owned 2nd hand store with stores throughout NZ and  also have jewellery, sunnies, hats, bags and shoes. I have a feeling I’ll be back there again lots over the next 12 months. Go the 2nd hand bargains!


2 thoughts on “The Spring closet clear out & Recycle Boutique

  1. I love your mission. I think it’s great. You’re either supporting local businesses, ethical international ones or being a low fi consumer and going second hand. As a mother of three I rarely get to indulge my love of clothes in quite the same way I used to prior children so second hand keeps me looking vaguely stylish at a price I can afford. I shall follow with interest.

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